Dreams of Spring Erotic Art in China—春梦遗叶(英文版)



1997年阿姆斯特丹斐卿书局(The Pepin Press)




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书名英译Dreams of Spring Erotic Art in China(又译Dreams of Spring Chinese Erotic Art),重磅铜版纸,全彩图。

贝托莱(F.M. Bertholet) 1952年生于阿姆斯特丹,毕业于荷兰国立艺术学院,亚洲旅游时在香港古董店偶然发现一本中国春宫册,为其精湛的绘画折服,经过深入研究,确定这些高水准的绘画存世量相当稀少,自此开始专攻中国春宫画长达十五年之久,成为欧洲最大的中国春宫艺术收藏家。



[Amsterdam 1997]. Red cloth, as new, dj., large size, 30.5×28.5cm., index, 207p., bibliography, profusely illustrated with high-quality color reproductions,Bertholet Erotic Asian Art Collection, English text. FIRST EDITION. AN IMPORTANT COLOR-ILLUSTRATED COLLECTION . OF CHINESE EROTIC PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS .

An exquisite work, reproducing several color painted erotic albums.  Beginning with love scenes from the Ming, .Illustrated episodes from the Rouputuan [The Carnal Prayer Mat], garden of delights, joys of forbidden love, delights of a young scholar, scenes from the Jinpingmei [Golden Lotus (Qing Ping Mei)]. .Visions of traditional sex life, happy days at the courtesan’s house, comedy of sex, decadence and debauchery, inlaid boxes & painted silk covers, rice paper paintings, naughty stories from the Golden time of romance.

Male and female homosexuality, female theatre impersonators & their ‘lovers’. A completely enjoyable look at the Chinese naturalistic approach to sex. The characters are mostly dressed in beautiful robes, others completely nude, or with apron/stomach covers, nicely done, showing the true flavor and joy of Chinese meticulous painting techniques and design, interiors of houses and brothels. .An excellent examples of Chinese foot-binding an erotic part of Chinese love-making. Profusely color illustrated.



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